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Hello, my name is Ignacio Guerrero, principal and sole member of Andes GeoConsulting LLC. Please see the “About Us” section for a detailed professional biography.


It is my objective to offer executive consulting services in information technology (IT) with a focus on geospatial technology. More specifically I can offer “CTO level” consultation, leveraging on my unique experience and capabilities. This type of consulting is sometimes referred to as “interim CTO”, “freelance CTO”, “on-demand CTO”, or similar terms. Since there is no universal model of the role of a CTO, please see specifics under “Services”.


My services can be used by emerging or established companies. I can help emerging companies to create a solid software engineering foundation for future growth and a forward thinking technology strategy. Established companies can use my services to support company executives in special projects such as internal audits, technology integration, or M&A.




“CTO level” Services


  • Technology strategy development
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) evaluation and process improvement
  • Product Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Open Source Software Use and Governance
  • M&A technical due diligence


Geospatial Subject Matter Expertise


  • Advice on general Geospatial Industry trends and market dynamics
  • Evaluation of commercial and open source products, tools, and libraries
  • Architecture Review
  • Open Standards adoption (OGC, ISO)
  • GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry                                                                          
  • Emerging Geospatial technologies